Diamond DA42NG

The Diamond DA42 is an advanced twin engine aircraft with retractable landing gear that will complement the preparation for increasingly complex operating environments. The plane has a cockpit very similar to the DA40 which allows for a more natural and less abrupt transition for this complex aircraft. In this way, students can focus on twin-engine flight training and respective anomalous situations.

High-end avionics and yacht fuel power
The DA42 is powered by the Austro Engine 168hp AE300 with a single power lever control.

3-blade MT constant speed hydraulic propellers feature advanced blade geometry for efficient performance, smoothness and low noise. Automatically controlled by the digital control of the motor of each motor – feathering is as simple as flipping a single switch. The fully integrated Garmin G1000 NXi is complemented by a long list of avionics options as an integrated weather radar and Synthetic Vision – to perfectly suit your mission.

The DA42 offers exceptional visibility thanks to its panoramic awning and generous rear windows. The access is comfortable for everyone on board and guaranteed by the forward-tilting roof and the large rear access to the folding rear seats and fuselage baggage area. The elegant structure composed of carbon incorporates advanced aerodynamics with the latest passive safety technology for high performance, great efficiency and superior occupant protection. The composite fuselage is durable, easy to maintain and will continue to look great for years to come.



Diamond DA42NG


2x Austro Engine AE 300 Turbocharged




Garmin G1000 NXI, GFC700 Autopilot, Air Conditioning