Combining sustainability, ideal weather conditions and strategic location, we chose Bragança to be the base of our Academy. The Ecocity of Bragança, centered on citizenship and education, is a Smart City that follows sundry ecological principles – which extend to several areas: eletric and zero-fare public transport, renewable energy, ecotourism, eco-construction, eco-products and multifunctionality of spaces (with interaction between the different zonings and against the prospects of separating urban activities).

Reinforcing these principles, the importance of green spaces in the urban environment as essential elements in the quality of life, led the Municipality to invest decisively in the increase of green spaces, going from 28.653m² (308.4183ft²) of green spaces in 1998 to 420.292m² (4523.985ft²) in 2014, allowing to provide 18.38m² (197.8407ft²) per inhabitant of green space – a value above that recommended by the World Health Organization.



Keeping the objective to offer training in an environment of excellence and quality, Brigantia was chosen by us for for theoretical knowledge training and as the head office of our Academy. With extreme conditions highly advanced in technology, BRIGANTIA ECOPARK has a rainwater harvesting system, intelligent light associated with solar panels and geothermal energy.



In pursue to become a paperless company and provide state of the art technology, we signed up with FlightLogger – the world’s leading flight school management software, an all-in-one centralized operations tool keeping track of everything from maintenance to training records for both flying and theory, creating the best environment for students, instructors and staff.

Sonaca Aircraft


Our Sonaca 201, associating high technology with sustainability, is currently the most modern and technological of its segment and consumes 30% less compared to aircraft in its class – emitting less carbon, reducing the pollution and contributes to European environmental safety.

Diamond Aircraft


Seeking to emit less CO2, we chose models that reduce 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. Our Diamonds (DA40NG and DA42NG), that will be used in the second and third phase of the practical training of our students – in addition to being more sustainable – offer the ultimate in handling stability and control.

Our Diamond DA42, which is an elegant twin-engine and four seater aircraft, combines efficient and streamlined operation. Consuming less than a single engine, it has the added security of a second engine! More sustainable, lighter, faster and extremely safe, is the ideal Aircraft for training twin-engine operations.